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Develop your SAP empowered employees with DDLS. Getting the right skills in place maximises the chance of project success and removes risk. DDLS provides a select range of SAP training courses for SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects and more. DDLS can work with you to navigate the curriculum and help you create a learning plan that will ultimately boost technology proficiency across your organisation.

To complement and enhance your classroom training, we also offer SAP’s online learning platform. Discover the SAP Learning Hub today.


What SAP course should I attend?
SAP offers a range of introductory courses to give you a taste of what you could achieve with SAP. If you are not yet certain what area you would like to focus on you should start with an area in which you already have a sound business understanding. For example if you have experience in the financials it makes sense to investigate SAP’s introductory Financial and Managerial Accounting courses.

For SAP solutions if you have little or no SAP experience at all you will need to attend an overview course. There are two entry-level courses the SAP01:SAP Overview and SAPTEC:Fundamentals of SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

  • The SAP01 is the functional overview course for individuals who aim to become application consultants.

You should choose which course best fits your overall objectives. Once you have attended the SAP01 or SAPTEC you can progress through an individual course curriculum at the end of which you may choose to take a certification exam in order to validate your efforts to the external market.

What are the benefits of attending SAP training courses?
SAP courses are delivered by expert instructors in traditional classrooms, or SAP Live Class (virtual) training. The most comprehensive, up-to-date training across the SAP software portfolio, at every level from the basic to highly advanced skills.

  • Flexible option of traditional classroom and virtual live training – standard or customer-specific
  • Reduced travel-related costs with virtual live training
  • Immediate access to experts and peers

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