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ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer

  • Length 3 days
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Why study this course

Want to learn the methods and processes for automating tests? In this ISTQB® Advanced Test Automation Engineer course, you will gain a solid understanding of test automation concepts and methods that are applicable across a number of development approaches, and test automation tools and platforms.

Automation is a key skill for the modern tester. This ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer certification is the first step in becoming a part of the growing test automation space.

Please note: The exam is not included in the course fees but can be purchased separately.

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What you’ll learn

Learning Outcomes:

  • Contribute to the automated testing process and plan creation

  • Evaluate tools and technology for automation best fit to each project and organisation

  • Create an approach and methodology for building a test automation architecture (TAA)

  • Design and develop test automation solutions that meet the business needs

  • Enable the transition of testing from a manual to an automated approach

  • Create automated test reporting and metrics collection

  • Analyse a system under test to determine the appropriate automation solution

  • Analyse test automation tools for a given project and report technical findings and recommendations

  • Analyse factors of implementation, use, and maintenance requirements for a given Test Automation Solution

  • Analyse deployment risks and identify technical issues that could lead to failure of the test automation project, and plan mitigation strategies

  • Verify the correctness of an automated test environment including test tool setup

  • Verify the correct behavior for a given automated test script and/or test suite


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Who is the course for?

ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer Certificate is designed for:

  • Experienced testers looking to develop expertise in test automation.

  • Test Managers needing the skills to plan and lead automation projects.

  • Test Automation professionals wanting to accredit their skills for recognition by employers, clients and peers.

Course subjects

  • Introduction and Objectives for Test Automation

  • Preparing for Test Automation

  • The Generic Test Automation Architecture

  • Deployment Risks and Contingencies

  • Test Automation Reporting and Metrics

  • Transitioning Manual Testing to an Automated Environment

  • Verifying the Test Automation Solution

  • Continuous Improvement


Candidates wishing to participate in the ISTQB Advanced Test Automation Engineer course must possess the ISTQB Foundation Level certification.

Industry Association Recognition

ISTQB Certification Worldwide


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