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Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

Commvault Expert Class

  • Length 5 days
  • Version 11
  • Inclusions Exam
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Why study this course

The Commvault® Expert Class and Certification is designed to educate and validate the deepest level of knowledge attainable for Commvault administrators and engineers. Knowledge gained can be applied in advanced enterprise architecture, complex troubleshooting, and more comprehensive management of day-to-day activities.

This five-day instructor-led course emphasises a concentrated understanding of advanced Commvault features including:

  • virtualisation

  • deduplication

  • backup/archiving

  • storage

  • security

  • troubleshooting

This training course is run by Commvault, utilising a Commvault trainer.


The Commvault Expert 2020 Exam is included as part of this course. The exam assesses knowledge acquired from the Expert Class, validates the mastery of Commvault technologies, and allows those few who complete the program to stand apart from others in the industry.

The exam is 180 minutes in duration and consists of 75 questions. A passing score is 80% (60 correct answers).

Passing the Commvault Expert 2020 Exam, together with holding Certified Engineer status, will certify you as a Commvault Certified Expert.

Aligns to certification

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What you’ll learn

CommCell® components

  • CommServe® server and MediaAgent processes and log files

  • CommServe LiveSync

  • Power Management for cloud MediaAgents


  • Cloud Storage Accelerator

  • Commvault 3DFS solution

  • Commvault ObjectStore

  • Region-based Storage


  • Deduplication database structure and log files

  • Deduplication Version 4 Generation 2

  • Idle-space reclamation

  • SILO storage


  • Network configuration

  • Automatic and multi-stream tunnelling

  • Data Interface Pairs

Data Protection and Recovery

  • Virtual Server Agent processes

  • VM-centric operations

  • Job priority and dynamic priority


  • Working with workflows

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Who is the course for?

This course is intended for experienced administrators and engineers working in larger CommCell environments who are looking for the highest level of Commvault education.

Course subjects

CommCell Environment

This module covers advanced topics related to the CommCell core components such as the CommServe server and MediaAgent. Topics such as the CommServe LiveSync feature and Power Management for Cloud MediaAgents are explained in detail. Focus is also placed on understanding processes and log files.


This module explains how open access to Commvault storage is provided through the Commvault 3DFS and ObjectStore solutions. Advanced features such as Cloud Storage Accelerator and Region-Based Storage illustrate how the use of cloud storage can be optimised.


This module details the architecture of the Commvault deduplication database, as well as the processes behind it. A strong emphasis is also put on the new Deduplication Version 4 Generation 2, which further enhances Commvault Deduplication.


This module covers topics on network security such as network configuration, automatic and multi-stream tunneling. User security topics such as quotas and owner security are also explained.

Data Protection and Recovery

This module focuses on virtualisation environment and application. Advanced topics such as VM Centric Operations, Compression and Job Priority is explain in detail.


Learn about Commvault Workflow capabilities and processes. This module borrows from the Workflow Automation Fundamentals class and presents the basic concepts of automation through Commvault software.

Expert Certification Preparation

This module serves as a preparation for the Expert 2020 certification. It explains how students should prepare for the Expert certification or any other Commvault certification. Tips are provided on the approach to take during the exam to optimise the chances to pass it.


You must have completed and passed the Commvault Certified Engineer certification, consisting of the Commvault Engineer course and associated exam.


DDLS offers certification and training in Commvault technologies through our partnership with Commvault. This arrangement requires DDLS to provide your details to Commvault for course and exam registration purposes.

Terms & Conditions

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By submitting an enquiry, you agree to our privacy policy and receiving email and other forms of communication from us. You can opt-out at any time.