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CNS-225 Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management

  • Length 5 days
  • Version 13.x
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Why study this course

Build your Citrix ADC knowledge and skills by enrolling in this five-day course.

It covers Citrix ADC essentials– platforms, architecture, licensing and functionality – and also focuses on traffic management, including content switching, traffic optimization and global server load balancing (GSLB). You will learn about key ADC capabilities such as high availability, security and performance, and explore SSL offload, load balancing and monitoring. The traffic management curriculum will cover the AppExpert policy engine, the Rewrite and Responder features, and Content Switching.

This course is currently on Citrix ADC version 13.x

Please note:

  • Citrix now provide students with electronic courseware for all Citrix authorised training courses. Students who have a confirmed booking will be sent an email prior to the course start date, with a link to create an account via before they attend their first day of class. This will ensure they have access to all Citrix authorised training content on day one of their booked Citrix course.

  • This course includes the Citrix exam which must be taken within six months of completing your course.

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What you’ll learn

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the functionalities and capabilities of Citrix ADC

  • How to obtain, install, and manage Citrix ADC licenses

  • Comprehend basic ADC network architecture

  • Understand how SSL is used to secure Citrix ADC

  • Optimize the ADC system for traffic handling and management

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Who is the course for?

Built for IT Professionals working with Citrix ADC, with little to no previous ADC experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to implement and manage Citrix ADC features using leading practices.

We can also deliver and customise this training course for larger groups – saving your organisation time, money and resources. For more information, please contact us via email on


Course subjects

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to Citrix ADC

  • Feature and Platform Overview

  • Deployment Options

  • Architectural Overview

  • Setup and Management

Module 2: Basic Networking

  • Networking Topology

  • Citrix ADC Components

  • Routing

  • Access Control Lists

Module 3: ADC Platforms

  • Citrix ADC MPX

  • Citrix ADC VPX

  • Citrix ADC CPX

  • Citrix ADC SDX

  • Citrix ADC BLX

Module 4: High Availability

  • Citrix ADC High Availability

  • High Availability Configuration

  • Managing High Availability

  • In Service Software Upgrade

  • Troubleshooting High Availability

Module 5: Load balancing

  • Load Balancing Overview

  • Load Balancing Methods and Monitors

  • Load Balancing Traffic Types

  • Load Balancing Protection

  • Priority Load Balancing

  • Load Balancing Troubleshooting

Module 6: SSL Offloading

  • SSL Overview

  • SSL Configuration

  • SSL Offload

  • Troubleshooting SSL Offload

  • SSL Vulnerabilities and Protections

Module 7: Security

  • Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing

  • Configuring External Authentication

  • Admin Partitions

Module 8: Security

  • Citrix ADC Logging

  • Monitoring with SNMP

  • Reporting and Diagnostics

  • AppFlow Functions

  • Citrix Application Delivery Management

  • Troubleshooting

Module 9: Advanced Policies

  • Default Policy Overview

  • Default Expression Syntax

  • Policy Bindings

  • AppExpert Additional Features

Module 10: Rewrite Responder URL

Transformation* Rewrite Policies

  • Responder Policies

  • DNS Rewrite and Responder

  • URL Transformation

Module 11: Content Switching

  • Content Switching Overview

  • Content Switching Configuration

Module 12: Optimization

  • Citrix ADC Optimization Overview

  • HTTP Compression

  • Integrated Caching

  • Front-End Optimization

Module 13: Global Server Load Balancing

  • GSLB Overview

  • GSLB Architecture

  • Content-Switching GSLB

  • GSLB MEP and Monitoring

  • Customizing GSLB


This course requires little to no previous experience with Citrix ADC; however, Citrix recommends a basic understanding of of TCP/IP, HTTP, and of the OSI model, network devices, and networking protocols.

Terms & Conditions

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